New NNF Center

We are exceedingly happy to announce that we are a part of the forthcoming Novo Nordisk Foundation (NNF) CO2 center which is a new, unique research center to be launched.

One of the most important global challenges of the modern era is to curb climate change, and the resultant upheavals facing society in the coming decades. CO2, a greenhouse gas, is a key factor in climate change, and if we are to make any real difference in curbing global temperature increases, simply reducing COemissions will not be enough. We have to actually remove CO2 from the atmosphere and reuse it in products that are today based on carbon extracted from fossil fuels such as oil and coal.

The NNF CO2 Research Center is to be established with a grant of DKK 630 million from the NNF and based at Aarhus University. The new center will ensure cross-disciplinary collaboration to reduce the amount of the greenhouse gas, CO2, in the atmosphere through researching and implementing new technology. The center will be collaborating with a number of Danish and international partners. The contribution from our group will be on the activation of CO2 using electrocatalytic approaches to convert it to  important feedstock chemicals such as carbon monoxide, ethylene, and ethanol used in the production of e.g. pharmaceuticals and polymers.

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